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I have a product I would like to test - what's the first step?
Please request a quote or contact us.
Which standards do you employ?
For South African applications, we use the SANS codes where possible and applicable. We endeavour to apply the established international codes such as ISO, EN, BS, DIN, etc.
How long does it take to get a quotation and test results?
We do our best to get back to you with a quote in a few working days. Depending on the workload and type of testing required, the test results will be sent to you anything from a few days to several weeks. We aim to provide professional and timeous service. Request a quote so that we can give you an estimate.
What is the process for testing?
Request a quote >> receive quote >> approve quote >> pay deposit and send the sample to be tested. After testing, a report is issued promptly if required. 

We don't issue reports for "failed" tests unless requested - but it comes with a discount.
If a test should fail due to an error on our side, we will redo it on a new sample supplied by the client, at no additional cost. The client is responsible for submitting technical and other information required for a comprehensive report. Any delay in submitting such information will lead to a delayed report. We show empathy if a test failed. (No jokes about your work going up in flames – promise!)
I would like to be present for the test, is that possible?
We encourage clients to witness fire tests where possible so that they can learn about testing and the mechanisms of failure to enhance product development for improved fire-resistant products.
I have a product that will be used in the mine. Which tests are required?
Tests required depend on the context and application of the product. Request a quote and we will help you determine which test(s) are relevant and/or available.
Can I test something other than doors?
Yes! If you want to know everything about how anything burns, send it to us.
Do I get a certificate for the tests on my product?
No, because only a test report is generated stipulating the results obtained by each test evaluating product performance. For more information on what a report is vs. a certificate, read here.
We need to test sprinklers and pipes, what do we have to do?
Will be done by us shortly.
Am I required to install my product for testing?
The product is typically installed by our staff, with exceptions for specialised products tested. You are welcome to install the product yourself. Although we understand it is not always feasible for distant clients to do so and therefore, you are merely responsible for shipping.
Do you do non-standard tests?
Fire testing is, however, complex, and hence testing cannot always be possible. The first approach would be to adopt a standard approach for a specific requirement. If this is not possible, we will have to apply ingenuity to approach a special request.